PM Kisan FTO Process Issue Solution | FTO Generation & Pending Payments

PM Kisan FTO Process Issue Solution | FTO Generation & Pending Payments

FTO is generated and released before the PM Kisan installment is transferred to the Farmer’s bank account. FTO stands for Fund Transfer Order. As we know, several reasons might make one ineligible for the PM Kisan scheme. In that case, you will see FTO Yes/No status on the web portal.

PM Kisan FTO Process Issues Yes/No Solution

Congratulations! You don’t have to worry when FTO Yes is generated, but payment confirmation is pending. You will soon receive the payment in the account. The process is pending due to banking systems and funds allocations. All you can do in this case is to wait until the 2000 INR installment is credited to Farmer’s registered accounts. 

However, Pm Kisan FTO process No indicates the problem with the beneficiary’s Aadhar number, bank account number, and bank’s IFSC code or the applicant’s status. Below you will find a detailed PM kisan FTO Process Issue Solution.

What is FTO No Status? Reasons for FTO Not Processed

You might not receive 2000 INR when you have active online status on the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana Scheme, but the FTO status is No. In this case, there are two conditions. 

  • Reason of FTO Not Processed Mentioned
  • Reasons for FTO Not Processed Not Mentioned

Farmers may receive the PM Kisan Installment in the second case when the direct reasons are not mentioned.

Causes of FTO No, When No Reason Mentioned 

Registration Timeline

The applicants who registered earlier will receive the latest installment; however, fresh applicants will receive it according to their registration timeline. So check your installment number selected.

Technical Glitches 

Technical issues within the system prevent the successful processing of the FTO.

Policy Changes

Changes in government policies or guidelines impact FTO processing for specific cases.

On the contrary,  your fund transfer order remains on hold until the objection is removed.

Reasons which Cause FTO Process No

  • Ineligibility-Registered applicant not meeting scheme criteria.
  • Land Records Ownership-Changes in the land ownership records.
  • Form Errors-Incorrect or incomplete application details.
  • Account Issues-Incorrect or inactive bank account/Aadhar Card information.
  • Document Delays-Pending or incomplete document verification.
  • Duplicate Application-Similar details on multiple applications.

How To Deal With FTO Generated & Payment Confirmation Pending

Fund transfer orders (FTO) are generated after complete verification of the Farmer. The payment remains pending until the transfer orders are not verified from multiple sources to avoid potential fraud. 

Therefore, you don’t have to panic in either situation: patience and Persistence. Keep in mind that processing times might vary. Keep yourself updated and contact local authorities when clarification is needed. 

Here you will find the right way to deal with FTO Processed No with or without mentioned reasons. 

FTO Processed No- When Reasons Mentioned

You must carefully identify and analyze the objection mentioned in the reason for FTO processed No.

  1. Ensure all submitted documents have been successfully verified.
  2. Resubmit any requested documents promptly and accurately.
  3. Double-check your application and bank account information for accuracy.

However, if you still have FTO process NO status on the “Latest Installment Details,” you must check your documents and stuff carefully.


Check the number of installments selected. You have to select the installment number that you are going to receive. 

Solution# 2

Check the “eligibility status”  above the “Lastest Installment Details”. 

  • Land seeding 
  • e-KYC status
  • Aadhar Bank Account Seeding Status

All three statuses showing “YES” indicate you are eligible to receive the next installment. The FTO processed No is due to some technical glitches or budget allocations. In such a case, you will receive the installment with or without FTO. 

Solution# 3

Check PFMS status on the web portal.Log into the official PM Kisan website.

Beneficiary Section > Access Track Payment >Enter Bank Details > Submit Captcha >View Status.

The complete details of your PM Kisan PFMS Bank Status will be displayed on your screen. The PFMS response shows “ACCP,” You will receive the next installment. However, with rejection, you need to verify the bank account details. 


The PM, Kisan FTO Process Issue Solution, demands patience. You don’t have to panic when the FTO Process No status is displayed. Multiple reasons and ways exist to convert the PM Kisan FTO process from a No to a Yes. Keep checking your status and ensure all credentials are accurate and up to date to avoid any chaos. 

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  1. What does FTO No mean?

FTO processed No indicates that Fund transfer orders are not processed for any reason mentioned above. The applicant might not receive the 2000 INR installment from PM Kisan Scheme.

2. Why do I have FTO generated but payment pending?

The “FTO Generated but Payment Pending” status indicates that the funds are ready for transfer. Still, factors like verification processes, technical issues, or inaccurate data can cause delays in completing the payment. 

3. How do I rectify my form details?

  • Open the “Farmer Corner” Section.
  • Choose either “New Registration,” “Edit Aadhar Details,” or “Check Beneficiary Status” based on your needs.
  • Input accurate information according to your Aadhar Card.
  • Click the “submit” button for submission.
  • Visit to recheck your status.

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