pm kisan land seeding problem solution

PM Kisan Land Seeding Problem Complete Solution

Every farmer who applies for this scheme gives their land record to verify their status. Therefore, one of the main eligibility factors, Land Seeding, of every farmer should be Yes, then he’ll be able to get money through this scheme.

However, most of the farmers are facing this critical issue. They are unable to get money due to the PM Kisan Land Seeding Problem because their land isn’t verified by the PM Kisan Scheme. They’ll have to link their land record to their PM Kisan Account to verify their land.

pm kisan land seeding complete solution

If you’re the one who’s facing the same issue that your Land Seeding Status in No, you must stay with us because, in this article, we’re going to tell you how to resolve the PM Kisan Land Seeding Issue Online within a few days.

What’s PM Kisan Land Seeding Problem?

Before moving further, you must know what’s the Land Seeding Problem, why are we facing it, and how to check the Land Seeding Status whether it’s Yes or No.

Core Reasons for PM Kisan Land Seeding Issue

  1. The farmer’s land records aren’t properly linked to their PM Kisan Account.
  2. Outdated land records
  3. Errors in land records
  4. Technical difficulties with the PM Kisan portal.

How to Check PM Kisan Land Seeding Status?

Here are the steps to check Land Seeding Status:

  1. Open the official website of PM Kisan Scheme, i.e.,
  2.  Scroll down the website’s home page and click on the option “Know Your Status.”
  3.  A new tab will open on your device, where you’ll enter your registration number and press the button to get data.
  4.  Your status will be shown in a new tab whether it’s Yes or No. If it’s no, keep reading the article and know how to turn your Land Seeding Status into Yes.

How to Solve PM Kisan Land Seeding Problem? Easy Steps 

After checking the Land Seeding Status, if your status is No, you must follow the given steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Open the website named on your device.
  2.  Scroll down this website and press the Register or Login block.
  3.  If you don’t have login details, you can now sign in and create an account by giving all the details of the Farmer who’s facing the Land Seeding Problem.
  4.  You’ll have to give your details like namedistrictemailpin codemobile number, and others.
  5.  Then, you’ll get a security code on your mobile, so you’ll enter the code and submit the form.
  6.  After that, you’ll get a link in your email in the spam folder, so copy the link and open it in a new tab.
  7.  On this link, you’ll create a new Register or Login account.
  8.  Now again, you’ll return to the home page of and scroll down to get the register or login block, where you’ll put the username and password you’ve created.
  9.  After logging in, a complaint dashboard will appear where you can submit your complaint.
  10.  Press “Logic Public Grievance” in the sidebar at this complaint dashboard, agree to all the terms and conditions and click the submit button.
  11.  Now, you’ll select the Ministry and Department related to your complaint, so select Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.
  12.  After selecting Ministry and Department, you’ll have to select the Main Category and Sub Level Category, after this, you’ll have to write your problem like Land Seeding – No in the remarks box.
  13.  In last, you’ll have to submit a PDF file (Less than 4MB) of your documents like Eligibility StatusAadhaar Card, and Land Record.

After completing all the steps, you’ll submit your complaint. You will get a registration number and a message that your grievance is registered successfully. So, copy the registration number because, with its help, you can check your grievance status.


In this article, we’ve shared a comprehensive and easy guide on resolving the PM Kisan Land Seeding Problem. We assure you that your Landing Seeding Status will be Yes soon after submitting a complaint using this method. Otherwise, you’ll have to contact the Land Revenue Officer (Patwari) to do all the work manually.

You can also visit the nearest CSC(common service center) for more information.

After this easy guide, we’ll recommend you not roam court for this issue, so submit your complaint by reading this guide because we assure you that your status will be Yes within 2 months. Lastly, you can contact us via the comment box with any queries.

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A farmer should have approximately 2 hectares of land for eligibility in PM Kisan Yojana.

It’ll take approximately 1 or 2 months, so apply the above-detailed method to submit your complaint about the Land Seeding Problem.

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